Noah’s Fascinating World of STEAM Experiments
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Pages   124
ISBN-13  978-1-68481-175-5

Noah’s Fascinating World of STEAM Experiments

Chemical Reactions (Experiments for Ages 8-12)

By Sarah Habibi

10 Fun STEAM Projects for Kids (Ages 8-12)

#1 Bestseller in Children's Books on Chemistry and Children's Science Experiment Books

“Sarah’s work as a STEAM educator is the perfect balance of creativity, fun, and science!”—Kellie Gerardi, bioastronautics researcher and space enthusiast

Follow simple step-by-step instructions with Noah, your junior scientist guide, and explore STEAM experiments that are bubbly, colorful, big, and mind-blowing in this illustrated introduction to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Includes QR codes to Dr. Sarah Habibi's TikTok, so you can do the experiments alongside the author! 

A junior scientist’s guide to safe chemical reactions. Part illustrated fun, part STEAM workbook, Noah’s Fascinating World of STEAM Projects for Kids is the perfect addition to any kid scientist’s bookshelf. Dr. Sarah Habibi, the expert on TikTok science for kids and the brain behind the popular Science Bae videos, brings you 10 easy science experiments for kids to do right at home. 

Learn how to follow the scientific method by building a hypothesis, conducting a real experiment, and observing the results. Did something go wrong? That’s okay! Scientists mess up all the time—Noah and Dr. Habibi show you how to modify your experiment and try again.

Inside, find 10 fun STEAM projects for kids, such as:

  • Experiments with balloons and slime 
  • DIY Lava Lamps
  • Writing or drawing in invisible ink

Families who enjoy fun science books and science activity books for kids—like Awesome Science Experiments for Kids, Steve Spangler's Super-Cool Science Experiments for Kids, The Future of Science is Female, or MinuteEarth Explains: How Did Whales Get So Big?—will love Noah’s Fascinating World of STEAM Projects for Kids

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