A First Book of Mindfulness
Release Date  
Pages   40
ISBN-13  978-1-68481-142-7

A First Book of Mindfulness

Kids Mindfulness Activities, Deep Breaths, and Guided Meditation for Ages 5-8

By Chiara Piroddi

Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kids Ages 5-8

A book for kindergarteners from the acclaimed Italian publisher White Star. Author Chiara Piroddi is a psychologist and expert in Neuropsychology with a specialization in Cognitive-Evolutionary Psychotherapy.

#1 New Release in Children's Philosophy Books

Help your little ones manage their emotions with fun mindfulness exercises, games, and guided meditations for kids.

Help your child stay calm and breathe deeply. With the help of kid-friendly activities and relatable characters, explore mindfulness for kindergarteners and elementary schoolers. Practicing mindful meditations with your little one will empower them as they interact with other children.

Implement mindful moments taught by a child psychologist in this emotions book for kids. With A First Book of Mindfulness, kids learn how to cope by growing in awareness of the world around them—and the world within themselves. In addition to being present and breathing exercises, this book teaches self-esteem building, self-soothing skills, anxiety relief for kids, and anger management. Encourage your child to live in the moment and expand their emotional intelligence with the tools in this book. 

Inside A First Book of Mindfulness, explore mindfulness for kindergarteners and older kids through:

  • Relaxing kids mindfulness activities and tools for morning, afternoon, and bedtime
  • Meditation for children that will teach kids mindfulness in a fun and easy way
  • Identification and management of a wide range of emotions
  • Cute and colorful illustrations that will bring joy and calm to your little one

If you like children’s mindfulness books like Breathe like a Bear, Find Your Calm, or Rocket Ship Yoga, you’ll love My First Book of Mindfulness.

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