Daymon "Daym Drops" Patterson

Daymon Patterson, better known as Daym Drops, is an American food critic, YouTube celebrity, and television presenter. He initially gained popularity on the video-sharing site YouTube for his video review of a Five Guys takeoutmeal, which spawned a viral online song by the Gregory Brothers. He hosted Best Daym fast Takeout, a food-review oriented television program on the Travel Channel , based on him and with certain aspects borrowed from his YouTube channel. "Best Daym Takeout", which aired in 2013. With works featured on The Jimmy Fallon show, that is where Rachel Ray's Team found me, brought me on for a few episodes before Rachel Ray offered me a position on the show as her Food Correspondent. I travel abroad, sampling dishes and many QSR locations, all to give them a Super Official Food Review from the front seat of my Truck.