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January 04

Your Magical Home/What Are Your Power Flowers? Astrological Herbology


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

What Are Your Power Flowers? Astrological Herbology


You can also choose the herbs for your altar based on your sun or moon sign. 
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Explore making tinctures, incense, oils, potpourri, and other magical potions for your rituals using celestial correspondences. For example, if the new moon is in Aries when you are performing an attraction ritual, try using peppermint or fennel, two herbs sacred to the sign of the Ram. If you are creating a special altar for the time during which the sun is in the sign of Cancer, use incense oils, teas, and herbs corresponding to that astrological energy, including jasmine and lemon. These correspondences create a synthesis of energies that adds to the effectiveness of your magical work.
Potpourri was a medieval product revived by the Victorians, who used the symbolic meanings and powers of flowers. Grow these flowers in your kitchen garden or buy cut flowers. Dry them; then place them in a pretty container. Choose flowers that connect with your astrological sign and personal energy from the following list:
Aries, ruled by Mars: carnation, cedar, clove, cumin, fennel, juniper, peppermint, and pine
Taurus, ruled by Venus: apple, daisy, lilac, magnolia, oak moss, orchid, plumeria, rose, thyme, tonka bean, vanilla, violet
Gemini, ruled by Mercury: almond, bergamot, mint, clover, dill, lavender, lemongrass, lily, parsley
Cancer, ruled by the Moon: eucalyptus, gardenia, jasmine, lemon, lotus, rose, myrrh, sandalwood
Leo, ruled by the Sun: acacia, cinnamon, heliotrope, nutmeg, orange, rosemary
Virgo, ruled by Mercury: almond, cypress, bergamot, mint, mace, moss, patchouli
Libra, ruled by Venus: catnip, marjoram, mugwort, spearmint, sweet pea, thyme, vanilla
Scorpio, ruled by Pluto: allspice, basil, cumin, galangal, ginger
Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter: anise, cedar wood, sassafras, star anise, honeysuckle
Capricorn, ruled by Saturn: mimosa, vervain, vetiver
Aquarius, ruled by Uranus: gum, almond, acacia, citron, cypress, lavender, mimosa, peppermint, pine
Pisces, ruled by Neptune: anise, catnip, clove, gardenia, lemon, orris, sarsaparilla, sweet pea