Your Magical Home/Stress-Busting Essential Oils and How to Use Them
December 06

Your Magical Home/Stress-Busting Essential Oils and How to Use Them


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Stress-Busting Essential Oils and How to Use Them


Put simply, essential oils have aromatic, fragrant molecules that can actually pass right through the blood/brain barrier, having a direct effect on the areas of our brain in charge of controlling feelings of stress and anxiety and even panic and depression. 
Lavender, known best for it's soothing properties, offers many health benefits.
Are you stressed out, feeling unwell or simply a case of the blues? Essential oils can help in so many ways and are wonderful to boost your immunity and your mood! Turn to these scentful helpmates to help you deal with anxiety, respiratory ailments, headaches and so much more. Sure, they smell good and even feel good on your skin but how do they really work to ameliorate depression, anxiety, lungs, heart rate, skin conditions and so many other issues? A German study conducted by Ruhr University found that “essential oils may affect a number of biological factors, including heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function." Essential oils are unique in that they can be both a stimulant and soothing for us humans. The same oil can have cause a different response based on the application as these oils are adaptogens, as they truly adapt to the your individual needs. If you are feeling down in the dumps, for example, bergamot can be a major pick me up and one I have depended on for years. My clients and I have come to depend on the power of these natural healers for dealing with stress, anxiety, worry and woe.
Stress-Busting Essential Oils and How to Use Them:
1.     Breath in deeply: Rub 1-2 drops in cupped palms and take a long, deep breath
2.     Apply to your skin: Rub 1-2 drops of oil into your temples, wrists or anywhere, for full body relaxation
3.     As a quick pick me up: Put a few drops on a handkerchief, cotton pad or on a scarf and inhale as needed. You'll get instant calming support throughout your day.
4.     As a shower infusion: Immerse yourself in an essential oil steam by adding a couple of drops in your shower. Remember to plug or cover the drain and inhale deeply.
5.     In a diffuser: To get long-lasting benefit, use a diffuser (great for everyone at home - adults, kids and pets!)


Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender is beloved and for good reason; it is one of the best and most commonly used "adaptogenss" that appears to adapt to any mood. An instant refresher, the sweetly serene and floral aroma is relaxing and calming. Applied topically, lavender oil is excellent for mental concentration, reducing stress tension, calming upset and alleviating insomnia.
From the Breath to Your Brain:
Put  2-3 drops of lavender oil in your palms, rub rapidly  and take a deep inhalation. This way the smell enters the amygdala, the center for emotions, and provides a feeling of instant relaxation. In case you are have skin sensitiveness, you can put the drops of lavender essential oil b a cotton call or clean dry cloth, I advise keeping some at your desk for work and also bring a tiny bottle for when you are travelling, Heck, keep some with you at all times!
Headaches, Begone!
Dab a drop of lavender oil on your temples near your hairline when you have a tension headache and it will begin to diminish right away. If you are looking for even more relief and relaxation, run on your pulse points such as your wrist and insoles of your feet,
Lemon and  Lavender Lift  Blend
This is a miracle mix of oils that you should massage into your body for both stress relief and a moisturizer:
4 crops lavender oil
2 drops lemon oil
4 drops clary sage
5 teaspoons of your favorite carrier oil such as sesame and shake in a small dark colored dropper bottle. Keep this blend handy!


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