Your Magical Home/Creativity Crystal: Chrysolite
December 19

Your Magical Home/Creativity Crystal: Chrysolite


Friday, August 24, 2018

Creativity Crystal: Chrysolite


This stone, also known as olivine or as peridot, its popular name, is commonly found among the crystal meteorites.
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 It is beloved for its glassy luster and a great degree of hardness coming from the mountainous regions of Russia, North America, and Italy. A common mistake people make with the green or yellow versions of this stone is to confuse them with topaz. Chrysolite has long-held associations with the sun and solar energies as well as the month of August. For centuries it has been used to drive away evil spirits and madness. It is a stone of hope, having the capacity to free the self from sorrow and despair. If you are going through an especially difficult time, wear chrysolite until you have gotten past the pain.
This cheerful crystal gives inspiration. Chrysolite is a creativity crystal. It frees the imagination and counteracts negativity. For people who feel hampered by the rules of society and unable to truly express themselves and their inner beings, this stone is a great boost to personal freedom. Depressives can also find solace here. Chrysolite provides ease to those who feel careworn and overburdened. This uplifting stone also lends better psychic insight and receptivity, a great aid to meditation.
Chrysolite is a cleanser believed to assist the appendix and help with detoxifying the intestinal tract. Detox your body and mind with uplifting chrysolite.