Your Magical Home / Your Love Grows Daily: Magical Garden
March 27

Your Magical Home / Your Love Grows Daily: Magical Garden

A great relationship can be cultivated, literally. 


By planting and carefully tending flowers that have special properties-like night-blooming jasmine for heightened sensuality, or lilies for lasting commitment – you can nurture your relationship along. During a new moon in the Venus-ruled signs of Taurus or Libra, plant an assortment of flowers that will surround you with the beauty and energy of sweet devotion. A few of my proven favorites are listed in the garden of Indra that follows.


Before you place your hothouse posies or seeds into pots or flowerbeds, bless the ground with a prayer of health for your plants, yourself, and your relationships.


Light a black candle to absorb and dispel bad energy, and place it in the middle of a circle you have drawn with a stick. Dip your hand into a clay bowl of water and sprinkle drops behind you and before you. Sing out:


Great spirit, I offer you this petition.

Please cleanse this land-you are the greatest magician.

With my hands, I will plant and sow.

Here, a healing garden will now grown.

Blessings to you and to the Guardians of the Earth.



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