Your Magical Home/ Winter Is Coming Roastie Ritual
November 26

Your Magical Home/ Winter Is Coming Roastie Ritual

Nuts are some of the best food we humans can eat,  tasty, packed with positive proteins and oil.



This nearly effortless nut roastie is a great snack for movie night at home, party time and makes a savory appetizer for special meals. Here is what you need:



10 ounces mixed nuts


8 ounces day-old bread


1 medium-sized white onion, chopped


1 ½ cups veggie stock


Soy or tamari sauce


2 ounces unsalted butter


1 teaspoon dried sage




Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and start sautéing the onion in the butter until they soften. Mix the nuts together with the bread in a food processor or stir vigorously until blended well, transfer to a large bowl.  Heat the stock to boil and pour into the mixture in the bowl. Stir in the onions. Season as you see fit with salt, pepper and sage. Pour in a tablespoon of the soy or tamari sauces to add zing to your roast and give one last stir. Spoon the roastie mix into a greased baking dish and bake for a half hour. Notice as your kitchen fills with a fantastic aroma. Heating the nuts brings out more of their natural oils and intensifies the flavor. Like herbs and flowers, nuts have magical properties which are mainly to increase love and also feelings of conviviality and peace, thus the name of this dish. When you serve this roastie, you are quite literally “sharing the love.”



 Graceful Connection



Before you enjoy this friendly repast together, hold hands and recite this grace:



Sister, brother, tribe of the soul, ones who care.


Merry may we meet again to share.


Breaking bread and quaffing mead


We draw closer in word and deed.

Blessing of love to all!