Your Magical Home/  Tranquility Tea: Stress-reducing Herbal Brews
September 27

Your Magical Home/ Tranquility Tea: Stress-reducing Herbal Brews

After a day like today (or week, month, or year) you might need a cup of calm. Try this:


This soothing sip that can uplift your spirits anytime and also serves to ward off chills. This combination of herbs brings about “letting go” of sorrows, worries, and doubts and reignites feelings of self-love.



Stir the following together in a clean ceramic bowl or cauldron:


One ounce dried rosehips (filled to the bursting with natural vitamin C!)


One ounce bergamot (also a mood and energy booster)


Two ounces dried chamomile


One tablespoon dried lavender


One tablespoon dried ginger root



Combine the herbs, pour into a colored jar and seal the lid tightly. When you are ready to brew, pour hot water over the herbs, two teaspoons per cup. While this steeps for five minutes, write down any thoughts or fears you need to rid yourself of on a small piece of paper.  Now say each one aloud, then chant, “Begone!” After this letting-go ritual, burn the paper with sage in the cauldron on your altar. As you sip the tea, enjoy your renewed sense of self and peace of mind.