Your Magical Home/  The Art of Crystal Gazing: Divination Secrets
November 02

Your Magical Home/ The Art of Crystal Gazing: Divination Secrets

Crystal gazing has been in use since the ancients used ice for divination.



As time passed and the use of ice gave way to the use of quartz, there was even more interest in the crystal ball.  In the Middle Ages, elaborate rituals were invoked before the seer took up the crystal ball and prayerfully read the symbols that appeared, believing that they had heavenly origin.  While many dismiss crystal gazing with a shrug, there are rare individuals with a thoroughly scientific attitude who endeavor to search for the truth and refuse to give credence to their own doubts.  Such individuals are now looking at the crystal ball with renewed interest.


Lewis Spence, one of the world’s foremost scholars of occult science, has this to say in his book An Encyclopedia of Occultism: “The object of crystal gazing . . . is the induction of an hypnotic state giving rise to visionary hallucinations, the reflection of light in the crystal forming points de repère for such hallucinations. . . . There are many well-attested cases wherein the crystal has been successfully used for the purpose of tracing criminals, or recovering lost of stolen property.” Now when the veil is thinnest is the best time to look to the other side for messages and meaning.