Your Magical Home/ Seeding the Future - New Moon Ritual
February 19

Your Magical Home/ Seeding the Future - New Moon Ritual

What are your intentions for the coming months? What you can imagine, you can bring into being. This ritual will aid you in getting what you want and need for yourself and loved ones. Nothing says “new beginnings” like planting a seed, so use the power of a growing plant to bring success to your own new moon projects.
Assemble the following:

• A flowerpot filled halfway with soil
• Enough soil to fill the pot
• Seeds (nasturtiums are oh-so-easy to grow)
• Eggshells
• A small piece of paper

Get everything together and write your intentions on the paper in as few words as possible and roll into a scroll. Place the scroll in the pot, and then crush some eggshells on top of that. Fill the rest of the pot with soil.

Repeat the following:

I plant this seed when the moon is new, 
Manifest my intentions, I ask it true. So mote it be.

Keep repeating this as you plant your seeds, and give them a little water. After the ritual, keep the pot somewhere sunny and you should start seeing some success in your plans when the plant begins to sprout. Keep it healthy and thriving to keep the magic going. You can perform a ritual like this anytime you feel the need and the moon is new. You can also be very specific in your intentions: new love, an interview for a new job, finding a new home you love. I find that the more specific you are in setting your intentions, the more powerful the spell.
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