Your Magical Home/  Sage Wisdom: DIY Smudge Sticks
October 17

Your Magical Home/ Sage Wisdom: DIY Smudge Sticks

Prosperity and purification go hand in hand. One of the greatest tools for purification is sage. 



While every metaphysical store has it in quantity, I highly recommend gathering or growing sage yourself. Aromatic sage dries quickly and can be bound into thick “smudge sticks,” which you should keep at the ready in a fireproof clay dish. To make a smudge stick, take dried sage leaves and bind them with green and gold thread wound nine times around the bundles and knotted at each loop. Leave room for a handle at the base of the wand, where you wind and knot the green and gold threads thrice more. This will honor the three Fates who hold the thread of our destiny in their hands: Clotho spins the thread of life; Lachesis chooses its length and outcome; and Atropos cuts the thread.



Use your smudge stick at any time purification is in order, especially if you’ve moved, started a new job, bought a new car, or purchased any second-hand clothing or furniture. This will help remove any energy that might be clinging from the previous owner. Light your smudge stick and, moving clockwise, circle the area or items to be purified. Speak aloud:




Great Spirit, with this smoke,


 your blessed protection I invoke. 


Out with the bad, in with the good. 


Harm to none and blessings to all.



As you travel through your life, you will acquire many sacred things, items which call to you and form part of your ritual equipment. By honoring those found items, you honor also your voyage, and Nature herself. Value these sacred things; they serve as your connection to your past, and your travels. The destination is often less important than the journey itself. The journey is the adventure that enables you to grow and gain in wisdom. Designing your own rituals are unique ways to fully experience your journey through life.