Your Magical Home/  Longevity Elixir: Pear Bliss Brew
October 10

Your Magical Home/ Longevity Elixir: Pear Bliss Brew

One of the most gorgeous of fruits, pears have long been prized in Asia for being a lucky fruit that also offers a long and prosperous life.

 The great magical teacher from whom I learned so much, Scott Cunningham, advocated for their use in love magic and seduction spells. Scott was brilliant in all matters so do take his advice! This pear liqueur is a special brew, indeed. You will need this to make this longevity potion:


3 large ripe pears


2 pods of cardamom


Lemon peel, two inches long


Vodka, 1 quart


1 quart clean and sterilized Mason jar with lid (preferably dark colored glass)



Start by crushing the cardamom pods and set aside. Peel the 3 pears and cut into thin slices. Gently place the pears into the jar. Put the crushed cardamom and lemon peel on top of the pears. Cover all with the vodka. Close and jar and tighten the lid, then gently shake twice. Store the jar full of pears in a dark, cool cupboard for ten days. After the ten days, remove the jar from cupboard. Pour the contents of the jar into a mixing bowl and mash thoroughly using the back of a fork. Strain the mixture into another bowl, using a colander that has been lined with a coffee filter or cheesecloth. Repeat this process twice and then pour the pear liqueur into the Mason jar. If you are feeling fancy, you can store in a pretty bottle but make sure it is sterilized and seal tightly. Live long and prosper!