Your Magical Home / Lavender Mint Energy Cleanser: Clearing Vibrational Clutter
January 31

Your Magical Home / Lavender Mint Energy Cleanser: Clearing Vibrational Clutter

The very best way to prepare for the coming new year is an energetic decluttering. 


In order to do any ritual work, you must clear the clutter that can create blocks. Banish the old, bad energy from your house by following this spell. Make a tea from one part dried lavender and one part dried mint. Draw fresh water and boil, and then steep a teaspoon of each herb for five minutes. Once it cools, dip your finger in the tea and sprinkle it throughout your home. If you feel the need to clear out any remaining cloud of psychic clutter, add diluted lavender mint tea water to your cleanser when you wash floors or surfaces. Make your energy-clearing tea by bringing 4 cups of water to a full rolling boil; remove from heat and add in 4 sprigs of fresh lavender and 4 sprigs of fresh mint. If it is winter and there is no access to the fresh herbs, one tablespoon each of dried lavender and dried mint will do nicely. Steep the herbal tea for at least 4 minutes and as long as ten minutes if there is a lot of energetic clutter. The scent of calm and clarity will lift the spirits of all who enter your space. The purpose of incense is to release energy into the ritual space, not to create billows of smoke that can cause respiratory problems in the circle. If you or someone else finds incense smoke irritating or worrisome, consider using another symbol of air instead, such as potpourri, fresh flowers, feathers, or a fan.

There exist an abundance of incense burners nowadays, so use your discretion and choose one that pleases you—perhaps a smoking dragon or a goddess to hold the fiery embers of your incense would add to the energy of your altar.
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