Your Magical Home/  Hygge Herbal Brews: Healing Teas
November 19

Your Magical Home/ Hygge Herbal Brews: Healing Teas

We are here in the heart of fall and that is the time our Scandinavian friends suggest we “get hygge,” which means to get as cozy as humanly possible. 


This lovely lifestyle tradition from the frozen north is not just for lazing about, though we greatly appreciate that aspect; it is also a very healthy way of living with sauna sessions, lots of herbal food and drink but also community, which is an immunity booster on its own.  Tea is a mainstay if you want to be healthy and we feel sure wise women and hedge witches in Northern Europe were the first on the hygge bandwagon, So much of our knowledge about herbal teas and tinctures comes from them.  Herbal tea conjures a very powerful alchemy because when you drink it, you take the magic inside. For an ambrosial brew with the power to calm any storm, add a sliver of ginger root and a pinch each of echinacea and mint to a cup of hot black tea. Before you drink, pray:



This day I pray for calm, for health, for clarity


For me and all others.


I pray for the wisdom to see the beauty of each waking moment.


Blessing be. Blessings for all.


Herbal teas can also nourish the soul and heal the body:





Some call this “sleepytime tea” and they have it right as it a wonderful bedtime blend.



Raspberry Leaf Tea


Reduces mood swings, evens glucose levels, and helps varicose veins.





Raises the energy level, boosts the immune system, and is packed with iron and vitamins.



Dandelion root


Grounds and centers, provides many minerals and nutrients, and cleanses the liver of toxins.





Awakens and uplifts, freshens the breath, and aids colon health.





This stomach soother also refreshes mental energy, raises spirits and serenity.





Lens an increased and consistent sense of well-being, and prevents colds and flu.



Ginger Root

Calms and cheers while aiding digestion, nausea, and circulation.