Your Magical Home/  Heart & Soul Stones for Scorpios
November 16

Your Magical Home/ Heart & Soul Stones for Scorpios

Rhodochrosite is the precious soul stone for later Scorpios. Once called rosinca, or Inca rose, this pink beauty takes its color from iron, magnesium, and calcium. Rhodochrosite corresponds to the planets Mars, Pluto, and the Moon. The gem is formed over a very long period of time under relatively gentle geological circumstances and therefore has a gentle energy that calms the volcanic passions and anger that commonly erupts in Scorpios. As mentioned previously, Scorpios carry so much under the surface in silence. This gem can enable you to express your feelings healthily.
Everybody thinks of amethyst as the February crystal for Aquarians and Pisceans, but it is also the power stone for second-half Scorpios. The purple color related to the purple planet, Pluto. Amethyst can open the love vibration for individuals ruled by this most misunderstood and enormously powerful water sign. Wearing amethyst jewelry and keeping chunks of amethyst crystal in the home and workplace can reveal the sweet, funny, smart, approachable, and lovable side of Scorpios, offering them a much greater chance for happiness.
Scorpios have their heart stone in the very available quartz crystal. Quartz is a tremendous healer, and so are Scorpios, though they rarely receive credit for this latent talent. When a Scorpio puts her mind to something, nothing can stand in the way! By acknowledging and utilizing the healing power of quartz crystal, Scorpios can use their personal power for the good of others and greatly benefit. Surround yourself with this inexpensive heat crystal and feel the love.