Your Magical Home / Gratitude Spell
October 17

Your Magical Home / Gratitude Spell

In your pantry and backyard, you have much that you need to attract whatever you want more of into your life—love, money, a new home, a new job, increased creativity. The jar of cinnamon on your shelf is filled with sheer potential, and not just for baking cookies or dessert. Cinnamon is a spice of abundance.

To engender greater and long-lasting positive change, perform this spell:

Take seven green votive candles, seven cinnamon sticks, and seven flat green leaves from a plant in your garden; ivy or nasturtium are excellent choices. On your kitchen table, arrange the candles in a circle, placing them on the leaves. Anoint each candle with a dab of cinnamon oil, which works swiftly, as it is ruled by Mercury—the god of speed, swift change, and fast communication whom operates in the element of air. Place the sticks in the center. At 7 a.m. or 7 p.m. for seven days, light a candle. Then incant aloud:

Luck be quick, luck be kind.
And by lucky seven, good fortune will be mine. 
As above, so below,
The wisdom of the gods shall freely flow.
To perfect possibility, in gratitude I go.

Each day, at the strike of 7 o’clock, perform your ritual.

Later, you can count your blessings; there will be at least seven.
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