Your Magical Home / Food is Magic: Color Medicine (All Lunar Phases)
December 28

Your Magical Home / Food is Magic: Color Medicine (All Lunar Phases)

Color has a profound effect on our psychological and physical health. Consider carefully the colors that surround you; each of us have special colors that encourage sound body and mind. For example, if you have a weight issue and lack ambition or energy, you may need more orange in your life. Wear orange clothes and eat foods associated with orange, such as red plums and wax beans. Here are some basic color connections:

Violet is associated with sentiment, melancholy, and religious devotion and can be enhanced by eating chocolate, thyme, and scallops.

Orange, associated with abundance and ebullience, can be absorbed through oranges, squash, red plums, yeast and wax beans.

Yellow is connected to the renown, wealth and power, and excellence, and is best ingested through pumpkin, cheese, rye, oats, lettuce and beer.

Green, the color of everlasting life, friendship and optimism, is concentrated in beef, alfalfa, endive and grapes.

Blue relates to humility, faith and innocence, and is the mainstay of mint, garlic, radishes, sage, turnips, and peppers.

Red, associated with aggression, success, and control, is best absorbed through cabbage, bacon, cherries, lemons, tomatoes and paprika.








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