Your Magical Home/  Chakra Crystals: Awaken Your Heart and Soul
November 02

Your Magical Home/ Chakra Crystals: Awaken Your Heart and Soul

The concept of chakras originated many thousands of years ago in Asia. 



The ancient philosophers and metaphysicians identified seven main energy centers in the body, with each chakra identified with a color of the rainbow emanating energy affecting the mental, physical, and spiritual balance of every person.  Chakra theory is at the foundation of many Eastern healing practices.  One of the simplest ways to achieve well-being is to place a crystal on the part of the body where a particular chakra is located.  Many people I know credit their clarity and health to chakra therapy.  One sure way to relieve stress and enhance the emotional body is the chakric applilcation of crystals.  A goddessy girlfriend  of mine placed an amber stone in her navel when she was starting a business, and her personal power and drive soared.  These things do work!  Perhaps you might choose a ring for your left left hand with a lovely pink or red stone to open your heart and bring both love and serenity.  Now, it does not get better than that, does it?






Chakra                    Color             Energies                            Corresponding Crystals




7th Chakra,              Violet             Holy bliss; all is one                Diamond, amethyst






6th Chakra,              Indigo            Perception, intuition                    Lapis lazuli, fluorite


Third eye




5th Chakra,              Blue              Creativity, originality                 Blue quartz, tiger’s eye






4th Chakra,              Green            Love, abundance,                     Peridot, rose quartz


Heart                                             serenity




3rd Chakra,              Yellow           Personal power, drive   Topaz, citrine, amber


Solar plexus




2nd Chakra,             Orange          Pleasure center                     Carnelian, amber






1st Chakra,              Red               Survival, security                     Smoky quartz

Root                                                                                        garnet