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October 29

Your Magical Home/ AstroGemology: Soul Stones for Scorpio

Scorpio, First Half: October 23-November 6:   The soul stone for early Scorpios is ruby, a gem celebrated in many legends dating from prehistoric times to the present day. 



Rubies were believed to be dragons’ eggs—very fitting for Scorpios, who have a lizard aspect to their souls. Rubies were believed to give the wearers invincibility. They were also thought to warn of danger by darkening in shade to a red that was nearly black. Rubies correspond to Mars, the first ruling planet of Scorpio, also associated with red. The most valuable rubies outrank even diamonds, and in the Bible, ruby is called the most precious of the gems first created in the world. If worn by a Scorpio, a ruby can re-channel passions such as lust, jealousy, and anger into more positive emotions. By all means, wear rubies, soulful Scorpios!



First-half Scorpios have a most unusual power stone in blue John. It is found in only one place in the world: the underground caverns beneath a hill in the county of Derbyshire, England. The Roman emperor Nero was crazy for it and paid an enormous price for a single vase made from it. It is the rarest of the fluorites, and its appearance of dark blue and reddish purple bands on a white background relates to Pluto, the second ruling planet of Scorpio. This is the sign of the underworld and secrets, and the origin of the name of its talisman is a mystery no one has yet solved. Though blue John can be difficult to come by, other fluorites are more readily available and will substitute nicely for the rare stone. Fluorite is thought to be healing to the bones and to wounds that lie underneath the surface. Secretive Scorpios carry many hurts beneath strong exteriors, and fluorites can gently resolve these over time 

For early Scorpios, the heart stone is stibnite, a blue-gray mineral that comes in clusters of needle-like rods. Stibnite is closely associated with Pluto and has a shiny and opalescent surface. It is soft, and because of its crumbliness, stibnite greatly alleviates this, making it easier for Scorpios to get along with other people and get along better in the world. If you’re a Scorpio, you know you have a strong will; this stone can help you get your ideas across without forcing them. A chunk of stibnite on your desk at work will help your career and reputation