Yahoo Finance / The best business books we read in 2019
December 13

Yahoo Finance / The best business books we read in 2019

Zen Bender: A Decade-Long Enthusiastic Quest to Fix Everything (That Was Never Broken) by Stephanie Krikorian

Former TV producer turned ghostwriter Stephanie Krikorian writes about her decade-long quest to “fix” everything in her life. Her book is a journey through today’s “wellness” economy, a self-confidence book for women, and a friendly guide for anyone tired of newfangled products/classes/diets that promise to change everything in your life in just 30 days.

Krikorian tried everything from Reiki to “The Class” to Marie Kondo’s tidying method. Does it all... work? “I think if you think it works, or you get a little thread of something that works, then it worked, so there’s a placebo effect,” Krikorian said in an interview with Yahoo Finance. “I also think it’s geared at these A-type, overworked, money to burn [types], and they also are fixated on this idea that there’s gotta be a fix I can buy, something’s gotta be wrong with me and I’ll make this radical effort to make a change. So, you go to a class and it’s $42 for the class, and then there’s collagen-infused water, and everything has CBD oil in it, so it all kind of feeds on itself.” —Andrew Hoffman, senior executive producer.



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