| YAHOO BEAUTY | Kelvin Davis (Notoriously Dapper) Awarded as MODEL ACTIVIST
March 31

| YAHOO BEAUTY | Kelvin Davis (Notoriously Dapper) Awarded as MODEL ACTIVIST

<p>Leomie Anderson, Barbie Ferreira, Avie Acosta, Jillian Mercado, and Kelvin Davis. </p>

Yahoo’s Diversity in Beauty Awards: Celebrating Inclusiveness and Innovation

Yahoo BeautyYahoo Beauty‘s mission is to inspire people to live beautifully and celebrate their individuality.

With that in mind we’re excited to launch Yahoo’s first-ever Diversity in Beauty Awards (the DIBs), which highlights the personalities, brands, and products that embody inclusiveness and innovation.

We enlisted eight experts who champion diversity in their careers and cover all bases of the beauty industry to vote on the best in makeup, skin care, hair care, and more.

The judges include Youtuber Jackie Aina, celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez, celebrity makeup artist and photographer Robin Black, co-founder and president of TextureMedia Michelle Breyer, celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson, cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson, founder of men’s beauty/grooming site Very Good Light David Yi, and Beauty Director Dana Oliver of Yahoo Beauty.

Starting Monday, we will award Yahoo’s Diversity in Beauty Awards seal to one winner in 16 categories.

We’ll announce the rest of the winners over the course of the week, including the Beauty Chameleon award to the celebrity who inspires us with ever-evolving looks, the Model Activist award to the model who is using her runway star power for good, and awards for most inclusive hair brand, skin care line, best tools, and more.

Without further ado, here are the winners in the makeup, beauty big shots, skin care, beauty campaign, and body categories.

Inclusive Foundation: Cover FX

Yes, the person behind all of Cover FX’s foundation formulations and the diverse shade range is a man. But Vic Casale is a man who really knows makeup.

After gaining major cred as the founding partner of MAC Cosmetics, Casale joined forces with Cover FX co-founder Lee Graff in 2000 to create “healthy foundation” for dermatology patients with various issues to look and feel confident in wearing. The result? Total Cover Cream Foundation, a mind-blowing blend of concealer and foundation that is free of harsh chemicals and irritants like mineral oil, fragrance, talc, gluten, and parabens and nearly unnoticeable on skin because of its full coverage.

Having worked with individuals from various backgrounds, Cover FX has launched an inclusive foundation range with over 40 “global shades” that caters to individuals with cool, neutral, and warm undertones — and that’s still a rarity in the cosmetics world.

Affordable Makeup Line: NYX Cosmetics

Toni Ko’s goal for creating NYX back in 1999 was simple: “Affordable professional makeup that enables boundless beauty artistry for all.” The Korean-American entrepreneur accomplished her goal with $250,000 in financial backing from her parents, and the company profited $2 million in sales within its first year. Talk about seeing your dream flourish!

NYX, which is named for the Greek goddess of the night, started out as a small line of just brightly colored lip and eye pencils. But it largely grew, thanks to self-taught makeup artists and beauty fanatics who shared their stunning transformations and must-have products on social media.

Ko sold the company to L’Oréal in 2014 for a reported $500 million. Today, NYX is available in 70 countries and has 2,000 units that are mostly priced under $20. These include color correctors that work on all skin tones, soft yet durable makeup brushes, and complexion-flattering nude lipsticks.

Best Beauty App: Sephora

The beauty mecca rolled out its game-changing app in 2010. While there are other mobile apps that use advanced technology to scan your face and color-match you with foundation, eye shadow, and lipsticks for your unique skin tone, Sephora’s Virtual Artist slays the competition.

Its 3D live view function acts like a mirror, moving in sync as you “try on” over 3,000 lip colors, get step-by-step instructions on contouring, and see what it all looks like before and after with a smart slider tool function. The actual product you’re “wearing” pops up onscreen, so you can click “add” and purchase everything you love. Not to mention all the Beauty Insider offers that are available for simply shopping on your phone or tablet.

One of the features we love most about this digital beauty experience is that we can save the looks we tested and get the immediate feedback of our friends and family, who we know will keep it real and keep us from spending way more than we probably should.


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