Written in Stone: Crystal Messages
July 17

Written in Stone: Crystal Messages

Author Cerridwen Greenleaf of Moon Spell Magic for Love shares the power of crystal messages in her latest post! 


Gems and crystals can give us messages and warnings:

 -A fossil or a gem containing a fossil, such as amber, will lengthen your life span.

-Jasper carved into the shape of an arrow will be a magnet for good luck.

-If your malachite jewelry chips or breaks, beware! It is warning you of danger.

-Malachite gives great success to salespeople. Keep a malachite crystal in the cash register and wear it during trade shows, presentations, and meetings.

-Moonstone is the dieter’s power stone and helps maintain youthful appearances 

-Serpentine worn around a new mother’s neck helps her flow of milk


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