Write Now Coach / Writing Advice to Welcome a New Year
January 03

Write Now Coach / Writing Advice to Welcome a New Year


Writing Advice to Welcome a New Year

Thanks to self-publishing, more people are writing books than ever before. And many of those people have advice to offer you. But not all writing advice is created equal. Some of it presents tales of luck and magic that no one can replicate: “I met my agent at a party in NYC, and here’s how you can, too!”

For today’s tip, I asked my writing friends to offer you their favorite piece of writing advice from the past year. Some of it comes from their own work, some comes from their favorite authors, and some of it comes from novels. But all of it will help prepare you for a successful New Year of writing.


Connie Habash, author of Awakening from Anxiety: A Spiritual Guide to Living a More Calm, Confident, and Courageous Life 

Remember who you’re writing for. As a writer of non-fiction, this has been especially important for me, keeping me focused and inspired. I love visualizing my ideal reader, thinking about her life, seeing her reactions, feeling what she’d feel, and considering what she’d want to hear that would be helpful. It’s made my writing more intimate, playful, compassionate, and gentle while I encourage her on the path of growth. By writing with and for my ideal reader, the book writing process is a journey we take together, and my readers seem to feel the same when they peruse the pages.



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