Witchy Feng Shui for Peace of Mind
June 30

Witchy Feng Shui for Peace of Mind

Looking to create change in your home? Try "Witchy Feng Shui" from Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of Moon Spell Magic and witch extraordinaire!


Stones placed in strategic places around your home can help accelerate the change you are desiring in your home.  Using what I call “crystal feng shui,” you can place a crystal or a geode in the appropriate position of your home to facilitate specific results. For example, amethyst will promote healing and release any negative energy that is clinging. Clusters of jade or yellow “lemon quartz” will activate vibrations of abundance and creativity. If you want to bring more money into your home or office, place a big chunk of citrine on the left side of your desk, and the money will begin to flow! If you have a dark hallway that feels spooky or an area in your home or office in which the energy feels very static or low, place an obsidian ball there, perhaps in a pedestal, to absorb this negative energy. If you want to have your bedroom be a place of bliss and unconditional love, rose quartz will create this all-important atmosphere.  Not only will these tips add to the buoyancy and joy of your home, it will also make it more striking and serene.

Crystal Power:

-citrine for a better ability to communicate

-lace agate for happiness with your job

-lapis lazuli for mental brilliance

-moonstone for self-love and self-expression

-red coral for good health and physical strength

-rose quartz or opal to make you appealing to others

-turquoise for calmness and protection from the outside energies


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