WitchesAndPagans / Astrogemology: Capricorn Soul Stones
January 03

WitchesAndPagans / Astrogemology: Capricorn Soul Stones

Capricorns born in the first half of their month have these secret birthstones. Topaz in any of its color incarnations is the soul stone for early Capricorns. Topaz gained its name from sailors who found it while exploring the desert island upon which they were shipwrecked. They named both the stone and the island Topazos, translating to mean “lost and then found.” With Topaz, ambitious Capricorns will leave no stone unturned in the path to glory.

For power stones, first-half Goats have both lazulite and jet, gems that have a dark and shadowy appearance representative of Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet. Jet is one of the oldest stones known to man, fitting with the longevity of the slow and steady Capricorns, reputed to grow more youthful as they get older. Wear jet to live long and prosper!


Citrine and smoky quartz are the heart stones for this sector of the zodiac and will ground this hardworking earth sign. Keep citrine at your place of work and wear citrine rings and necklaces frequently to remain in touch with your feelings.


Capricorn, Second Half: January 7-January 19

Tanzanite is the sacred soul stone for these Capricorns. A gorgeous purple stone found in 1967 Tanzania, it corresponds to the ruling planet of Saturn. Appropriately regal and rare, it is as serious as the sign it signifies. For important meetings and moments in your life, a tanzanite jewel will make you a shining star!

Lucky Goats in the latter half of Capricorn get to have lapis lazuli as their talismanic power crystal. This crystal was absolutely revered by the Egyptians and other Mesopotamian cultures. A bright blue, this stone connotes wisdom, accomplishment, and value. I highly suggest lots of lapis boxes, jewelry, and figurines for full steam ahead.


Rock crystal is a most practical heart stone for these Capricorns. Know as the salt of the earth, this form of quartz is fairly common but is also perhaps the single most effective and most often used stone in magic. I have been seeing rock crystal lamps that give a beautiful flow and pleasurable negative ions. Decorate with these lamps and you’ll go far and feel good with the process.






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