WitchAndPagans / Money Flow: Feng Shui Fountain
November 12

WitchAndPagans / Money Flow: Feng Shui Fountain

Water fountains are good feng shui and can enhance your prosperity quotient.

Gather together:

A large green bowl or tall vase

Enough water to fill the container

Wooden wand

Small river  rocks, at least 8

For those of us who can’t pull off a fountain in our home or garden, this works just as well to get the money flowing. Stand in the front door area of your home and identify which is the far left corner. This is the prosperity area and, therefore, the perfect place for this ritual.  Place the smooth river rocks in the bottom of the container and carefully pour the water in so you avoid spilling any. Take up your want and speak aloud:


In the name of goddess, I dedicate this space.

Peace and prosperity flows throughout this place.

Everyone here will enjoy abundance and grace.

With harm to none. So mote it be.

Take your wand and gently stir the surface of the water so it swirls and circles.

Repeat the spell, then bow and say thank you to abundance energies.

Take the vessel of water and pour it into the roots of the nearest tree, ideally right outside your home or one of your larger potted plants. This will keep the flow of abundance in your personal space.








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