WitchAndPagans / Greenwitchery Brews: Herbal Healing Tisanes
September 27

WitchAndPagans / Greenwitchery Brews: Herbal Healing Tisanes

Tisanes: Nurturing With Nature

Tisanes are teas that are strictly herbal. Brewing up a tixane is one of the best ways to nourish the soul, ease the mind and heal the body:


Some call this “sleepytime tea” and they have it right as it a wonderful bedtime blend.

 \Raspberry Leaf Tea

Reduces mood swings, evens glucose levels, and helps varicose veins.


Raises the energy level, boosts the immune system, and is packed with iron and vitamins.

 Dandelion root

Grounds and centers, provides many minerals and nutrients, and cleanses the liver of toxins.


Awakens and uplifts, freshens the breath, and aids colon health.


This stomach soother also refreshes mental energy, raises spirits and serenity.


Lens an increased and consistent sense of well-being, and prevents colds and flu.

 Ginger Root

Calms and cheers while aiding digestion, nausea, and circulation.





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