WitchAndPagans / Crystal Cures: How Your Wand Can Be a Meditation Tool
September 20

WitchAndPagans / Crystal Cures: How Your Wand Can Be a Meditation Tool

One of the most powerful benefits  you game from having a wand of your own is that is can focus and direct energy. And there are times when we all need that! I often experience “monkey mind” when my thoughts race around and this seems increasingly common, based on what I hear from friends and clients. For that reason, I have been creating more rituals and meditations to counteract a wandering mind, one of the woes if our overbusy world.


First off, you need a wand and they are very commonly available from new age shops and also online. If you find a fallen branch that appeals, you can sand it smooth and adorn it to your heart’s content by wrapping copper wire or other metals and attaching crystals with one large one at the end, which you use as pointer with which you direct energy and “draw: circles, etc.


This crystal can also be a marvelous tool for focusing your mind. All you need is your wand and one candle corresponding to the color of the crystal. For example, if it is an amethyst, pick a purpose candle, Sit in a darkened room, light the candle and speak this spell while holding your wand and  looking through the crystal at the candle flame.


My mind is bright and clear,

I feel no worry or fear.

Into this brilliant crystal, I peer.

I call forth focused energy here.

So mote it be.


Depending on how anxious and worried your mental state might be, you may need to repeat the spell. When you begin to feel quiet and peaceful in mind and body, you can extinguish the candle and keep at the ready when you next need to reel in your wandering mind.








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