Wadena Rocks!
June 06

Wadena Rocks!

Residents of Wadena Canada enjoy their own version of Megan Murphy's Kindness Rocks Project!


Written by Maury Wrubleski


It's part of a worldwide initiative that's been taken up by a dedicated group at Mallard Diversified Service Inc. (MDSI) in Wadena. MDSI is a multi-dimensional workplace for adults with intellectual disabilities. 

Support worker Jodelle Mierke explains that Wadena Rocks is part of the larger Kindness Rocks project. The positive messaging campaign has spread to a worldwide phenomenon. Wadena is the latest community to adopt the social learning experience which has the community finding colourfully painted rocks with uplifting messages.

Mierke outlines the process, "We paint rocks here at our supported workshop, and then we hide them all over Wadena. People find it, post a picture with the rock on our Facebook page, and then rehide it for someone else to find. Hopefully, rocks don't just stay in Wadena; they can go to other places. So it will be interesting to see just how far Wadena Rocks goes."

The rocks themselves bear the message "Post, Pick, and Rehide" along with the Facebook page "Wadena Rocks" and "#kindnessrocks". On the other side, the rocks have positive messages and cute pictures painted on them to inspire and support the finder. The hope is that the finder experiences a smile.

The project started in Wadena on May 27th, so there has not been any feedback thus far about rocks journeying outside Wadena. 

Inside the town, it's a different matter. Mierke reports, "So far 601 people have had post engagements, and 1,079 people have been reached on our Facebook page. So we're excited, if that's the result after only one week, to see how far it goes. As we know on Facebook, things move very fast."

Ten to fifteen people are involved in securing the rocks, and washing, painting, and hiding them with posted clues throughout the community.

MDSI employs people in a variety of areas. The organization builds pallets for local businesses. They've constructed a miniature golf course for people to enjoy during the summer. Other holdings include a laundromat, a business for home decor and gifts called Rustic Haven, and Wash and Wear, a second-hand store. MDSI is also involved with the SARCAN recycling facility in Wadena. 

Jodelle and the community at Mallard Diversified Services invite visitors to Wadena for a rock exploration and encourage visitors to pass the rocks on in their travels. 


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