Upjourney / Why and How to Wake up Early?
March 03

Upjourney / Why and How to Wake up Early?

Why wake up early? Well, here are a few major reasons:

Getting up early sets the stage for a productive day. The most successful people in the world wake up around dawn and start with self-care, filling their energetic cup with activities such as meditation, journaling, and exercising, rather than reacting to the external world. Willpower is like a muscle that fatigues, so doing these vital, self-care activities early is also really important.

The pre-dawn hours, according to Ayurveda (the science of life – which is focused on healthy self-care routines) defines these Vata (air & space) dosha hours as expansive and creative, which is why meditation, prayer, and creative endeavors are great to pursue at this time. When I am writing my books, I always write pre-dawn.

A recent study showed that one hour of sleep during the 10pm-2am window is equivalent to 2 hours at any other time of the day or night. It’s when the body heals and the mind is renewed.

How to wake up early? The day starts the night before. So, it’s vital to lay the groundwork. Examples of how to do that include:

  • Laying out your clothes and breakfast preparations the night before.
  • Following a simple 3-step routine before bed.
  • Boosting your melatonin by making sure you dial down the blue-light technology (phones, computers, TV) 2-4 hours before bed & going for a walk during dusk.
  • Getting into bed by 10 pm when the Pitta energy (the fiery energy) – that we recognize as the second wind so that that energy can be directed towards your inner world. We now know that the brain shrinks and the cerebrospinal fluid increases during this time and your experiences and memories are processed, but only if you’re asleep.


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