UpJourney / What Makes Someone A Hero (13 Great Answers)
May 31

UpJourney / What Makes Someone A Hero (13 Great Answers)


What qualities or characteristics make someone a hero?

Is it bravery? Courage? Selflessness? 

Sherry Richert Belul


Author | Founder, Simply Celebrate

In my world, what makes a person a hero is when someone is able to offer love and kindness, no matter what.

I mean the person who holds open the door for a stranger, even when it is stormy out and so much easier to simply slip in and take care of oneself first. I mean the person who remembers a friend’s grief, six months after the funeral and offers to come over to make tea and sit with the deep sadness. I also mean the person who is so angry she can barely stand it, but instead of lashing out she is able to choose measured words that will not wound.

To me, a hero is someone who can turn their face toward the light, even when it is pitch dark and so incredibly difficult to see even a sliver of light. The hero finds it.

To me, a hero is someone who focuses on what is loving, good, and beautiful in someone the rest of the world shuns or ignores.

To me, a hero is someone who walks outside and chooses to see the color of the leaves or to feel the small breeze, rather than complaining about the neighbor’s noise or the trash on the ground. A hero quietly picks up other people’s trash and throws it away, smiling all the while, because he is focused on a lovely thought in his own head.

A hero intentionally changes the focus of her attention so she is filled with the magic and mystery of life.

A hero intentionally takes good care of herself and others — knowing that love has no boundaries and needn’t play favorites.

A hero cherishes the “ordinary” — her child’s giggle, the swish of kitty’s tail, the taste of lime, the luxury of a hot shower.

A hero does not buy into this culture’s barrage of “not enough” or “something wrong,” and instead basks in what is beautiful and true.

To me, a hero wakes up each day with a willingness and anticipation to find and offer goodness in any way he can, no matter what the circumstances.

A hero is someone who feels like walking sunshine. I meet these heroes every single day!

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