UpJourney / What Does It Mean to Be a Man in Today’s Society
August 27

UpJourney / What Does It Mean to Be a Man in Today’s Society

To be a man in today’s society means being open with oneself

A lot of men were taught at an early age to “suck it up,” that crying is unacceptable and expressing how one felt could be viewed as weak or whining. Men weren’t given a platform to share how they felt but instead were quickly told to move past it and “stay strong.”

This led to a lot of men only knowing how to act tough or hide their feelings in silence. Not a healthy or enjoyable away to go through life. Hiding feelings and not being able to express oneself is a recipe for future health issues, poor communication in relationships, and depression.


The good news is men don’t have to be held hostage anymore to the old stereotypes that they were taught via parents, society, marketing campaigns and in television and the movies.

I feel like things are changing and men are now being given the opportunity to express themselves and being made to feel that it is safe to share their thoughts, feelings, fears, and desires.

We are moving into a time where authenticity and vulnerability are finally being celebrated and recognized as a critical part of being a “whole” person.

That strength is now being seen and recognized when one is able to share truthfully and openly one’s thoughts, fears, feelings, and desires.

To be a man in today’s society also means that men can now operate from a much more complete and authentic version of themselves.

In most places, they are finally being given permission to show their vulnerability, softer sides, and creative sides without the past experience/fear of being put down, mocked or told that they were “weak.”

What does this all mean? Hopefully a lot of things.

  • Healthier children who are able to witness what strength and expression really means.Healthier, more sustainable relationships due to increased communication and honest sharing.
  • Less stress, less depression and better long-term health due to “avoidance and holding in feelings and expressions.”
  • More men being given permission to share their “softer and more creative” sides.



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