Upjourney / How to Let Go of Anger and Hate (10 Expert Tips)
February 15

Upjourney / How to Let Go of Anger and Hate (10 Expert Tips)

The longer that we are alive on earth the more negative experiences we have. The longer we are alive on earth the more positive experiences we have.

So basically our holding onto those bad experiences more than our good experiences may result in resentment and bitterness towards the world, and it even poisons good moments in our lives.

Basically, it is what we choose to look at; is the glass half empty or is the glass half full?

If we are holding onto the negative things that happened in our lives, sometimes writing down what we would have wanted the outcome to be is helpful in letting it go forever.

For example, if you have been cheated on by a lover or spouse, rather than hate the future possible lovers or spouses or swear off relationships with bitterness and hatred, write down how you would have preferred the ending of the relationship to be. Your imagination can be a healer.

If I’m treated unfairly at work and someone is sabotaging my efforts, I can hold on to the anger and not trust any new coworkers. I may be guarded. Rather than hold on to the anger, I can use the Negative Thought Pot.

This is a small ceramic pot that I used to burn up negative thoughts on little strips of paper. I write down anything that I feel is holding me back inside my head or heart, or any self-deprecating thoughts I may have. I scroll up the small piece of paper and I set it on fire inside the clay pot.

This allows me to see a physical response to something that’s inside my body and mind. The next time that angry negative thought or hatred comes into my space, I can remember burning it up physically and destroying it. Then I am free to write myself a new story.


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