Upjourney / 18 Expert Tips on Living a Simple Life
February 07

Upjourney / 18 Expert Tips on Living a Simple Life

Simplifying our lives can be in the mind and in our actions. It means ridding one of the thoughts and deeds which do not serve us. This is easy to say, but harder to do, as we live in a very modern and busy world with a lot of “stuff” and a lot of busyness.

It is helpful for us to simplify because it leaves a space for creative thoughts, imagination, and playfulness to dwell.

Simplifying the mind can be doing one activity that is so new and difficult that we cannot focus on anything else. That allows the negative thoughts and mind fog to dissipate. It brings an ensemble of calm and happiness over time.

Meditation is a way to simplify the mind too. Focusing on the breath, a candle, or a sound can allow a “shelf” to open up inside where there is nothing on it. We are more productive when we simplify the mind a little bit every day.

Simplifying the actions we do can be as easy as saying “no” to invitations and events that do not serve us or our inner purposes. This frees up time and space to really go after our goals. Another way to simplify our lives through action is to rid our dwellings of things we really do not use or receive joy from.

I clean out my closet and trinkets monthly, allowing only the most memorable items to remain. This simplifies the home, making cleaning easier as well as making the home a sanctuary instead of a cluttered place. The stuff is just stuff, and we cannot burden ourselves with consumption. It takes too much energy to keep track of it all.



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