Up Journey / What Are the Benefits of Being Single? (According to 12 Experts)
July 17

Up Journey / What Are the Benefits of Being Single? (According to 12 Experts)

Caitlin Fisher



Being single means allowing yourself the time to become your own best partner

As a single person, you don’t need to be on anyone else’s timetable or hide any part of yourself to impress someone and make a good first impression. You can learn more about yourself when you spend time getting to know the real you.

Society loves to make people think single is the worst thing you can be, but it’s not. Single doesn’t mean alone! 

Lean into your friendships, explore new people and practice boundary-setting with casual dating apps, or join a local meetup group for an interest or hobby. By boundary-setting I mean casual dating with nothing on the line you feel like you’ll lose.

If you don’t set out looking for your next forever partner, you suddenly feel much more empowered to say no to a second date when something doesn’t feel quite right or to express exactly what you’re looking for rather than putting your own expectations aside to come across a certain way.

Being single lends freedom to be unapologetic about saying no in a way that we tend to hedge our bets on when we want our next long-term partner.

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