UP Journey / How to Be More Humble (25+ Great Tips and Examples
June 13

UP Journey / How to Be More Humble (25+ Great Tips and Examples

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To be truly humble, the mind becomes quiet. There are no thoughts of me, myself, or I – and actually no thoughts of she, he, they, and them.

Most of the time, our mind is constantly thinking about how we’re coming across, what others think of us, how to win an argument, worrying about the future, or fretting over the past. And if we try to figure out how to be more humble, we put ourselves into a “Catch-22,” because the very thought itself may hinder our natural humility within.

Humility means that we don’t need to “know” – we can be open to what arises in the next moment. We are present with whoever is with us, whatever we’re doing. We stopped worrying, figuring out, or trying to prove anything. It’s a state of inner quiescence.

When we’re in that quiet mind, we’re simply present, open, and receptive. Love is naturally there when we’re in that inner silence. Thus, we are naturally humble, which means we’re “close to the earth.” We’re simply being here, as we are, with everything as it is, open-hearted.

It’s challenging to quiet our minds, even when we’re trying to meditate. So just do your best to be fully present and mindful in each moment. The more you practice, the more the thoughts will calm down and humility will arise of itself.

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