Turn Your Day Around !  / September Releases
September 30

Turn Your Day Around ! / September Releases

Are you having one of those days? Our September books are here to help! They are full of hope, understanding, and advice and will help you move in a more positive direction. Would you like to improve your communication skills? Try reading The Beauty of Conflict for Couples by CrisMarie Campbell and Susan B. Clarke, or Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety by Dr. John Duffy to better connect with your family and loved ones. Hug Therapy by Dr. Stone Kraushaar will jump start your connection journey today! Feel like you're not using your time wisely? Pick up copies of Paula Rizzo's Listful Living and Craig Jarrow's Time Management Ninja to get yourself focused and on task. Do you need sources of joy and reflection? The Kindness Rocks Journal by Megan Murphy and Allen Klein's The Lighten Up Book will supply you with thought-provoking nuggets and of course, joy.