TheNerdyGirlExpress / Zen Bender Book Review from @kleffnotes
November 14

TheNerdyGirlExpress / Zen Bender Book Review from @kleffnotes

Stephanie Krikorian had to restart her life in a hurry when the recession changed everything. With a new career in ghostwriting self-help books for women she began researching and writing and found herself discovering something else. AFOG or Another Freaking Opportunity for Growth was something she saw was everywhere. Using this idea as a guide she went on to go on what she called a zen bender and what inspired her book, Zen Bender.

This moving and insightful book showcases her ten year zen bender and how on the cusp of turning fifty she realized that being better wasn’t what she was looking for, but rather a self acceptance. She had worked steadfastly toward achieving the high of peak self-help through journaling, meditation, and more, but these weren’t the resources that truly helped her to gain that powerful feeling of growth. With a life and career focused on elements of self-help Krikorian discusses how these idea might help you, but no matter how much you try to find that self-help fix, nothing beats trusting your gut and knowing yourself.

Broken down into three primary sections, Zen Bender examines the idea of Reeling, Dealing, and Healing. In the first of the three sections the focus is on how you can be trapped by a vision and by doing so you can keep yourself in a sort of slump. As she sought out ways to  move past having been laid off she had to cope with constant advice that wasn’t always helpful. With so much unknown happening around her she needed to eventually find a way to deal, which is covered in the second section of the book. In this section she examines some of the self-help elements she tried to use and how each of these impacted her life. After all of this she then discusses her healing journey, which showcases how everything she experienced went on to bring her to where she is now. While there is a lot to cover in this book, the writing is open and honest feels like a friend helping you through your own struggles. If you are trying to find a way to feel more focused in life this book shows just how you can get yourself to a point of self acceptance, while also warning you about the pitfalls that might appear along the way. You can get your copy of Zen Bender today.








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