TheNerdyGirlExpress / Hatch Leap Soar Book Review from @kleffnotes
November 20

TheNerdyGirlExpress / Hatch Leap Soar Book Review from @kleffnotes

Latoyia Dennis uses the idea of transformation to establish principles for becoming your best self through the exploration of hatching into something new. Much like a baby bird being born into the world you can become your best self by hatching out of your current comfort zone and allowing yourself to become more. Hatch Leap Soar is designed to help you become a better you by pushing your boundaries and allowing yourself to be something more.

When you examine your fears and what keeps you stuck in your box, or your shell in the case of Dennis’ hatching principle, you allow yourself to see your true potential. Hatching out of what has kept you where you are allows you to understand yourself more fully and see yourself outside of established norms. Once you are out of your shell you are able to leap and see what is truly possible. You can set yourself on a brand new path, which will allow you to ultimately reach your full potential by soaring outside of the nest. This easy to follow idea will allow you to become a new person with a more full understanding of yourself.

Throughout her book Dennis breaks down her three main concepts into three chapters with an accompanying worksheet that allows you to work through your own thoughts and understanding of her ideas. Her writing is easy to follow and beyond that her worksheets are powerfully established. She wants to ensure that you are reflecting on yourself and allowing yourself to grow through this journey. As a self-help book this is one that can help anyone to gain some sort of self-understanding. You will feel empowered as you work through her ideas and connect yourself to it them. You can get a copy of Hatch Leap Soar today.




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