TheNerdyGirlExpress / Adventures in Cryptozoology Book Review from @kleffnotes
November 23

TheNerdyGirlExpress / Adventures in Cryptozoology Book Review from @kleffnotes

Richard Freeman, Zoological Director of The Centre for Fortean Zoology, shares his own stories of seeking out creatures that many don’t believe exist. The idea of cryptozoology is mysterious and strange, filled with beasts that excite the imagination. Freeman’s stories are full of exciting moments surrounding his hunt for beings like the Yeti, the Mongolian Deathworm, the Loch Ness Monster and so many more. Adventures in Cryptozoology is a captivating read for lovers of the mysterious.

Freeman has shared his journey across five continents where he has delved into the deepest corners to seek out the mysterious beasts of legend. In this book he shares tales of mythical and extinct beings as well as hints about Big Foot and other Ape Men. If you are interested in starting your own cryptozoological hunt he even provides tips for equipping yourself on your mission. He shares how cryptozoology came to be and how investigations led to the hunt for dragons, Yeti, and so much more. Whether you are a young or old reader if you are curious about beasts of legend this is something you’ll want to pick up.

As he sets out his story, Freeman begins with the history of this topic and continues on with focuses on different mystical and mysterious beasts. He shows such a strong understanding of the topic and whether you have been interested in this topic or have never really thought about it before you will be able to understand everything easily. Though this is an educational book, the tone remains easy to follow and moves quickly. After finishing the book if you are looking for more reads, there is also a bibliography that you can use for further research. Get your copy of Adventures in Cryptozoology today.




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