thekindnessrocksproject/A Pebble for Your Thoughts
December 10

thekindnessrocksproject/A Pebble for Your Thoughts

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Tonight I am sharing a glimpse into my day...which starts early in the am when the sun begins to rise on Cape Cod, a sack filled with kindness rocks and a walk on the beach🙏🏻
So many have reached out after hearing my personal story about why I began dropping rocks... we are more alike than different and that is why this project resonates with so many. We share the same emotions...grief, joy, fear, insecurity, faith, love, and although our circumstances are different we connect through shared emotion upon hearing each other’s stories. It is in our compassion for one another that a bond is formed and we inspire and support one another ❤️ we stop competing and we begin caring! This project has touched so many. Together we are creating real change✌🏻 and this book “A Pebble for your Thoughts” was created to carry the message of this project further and to larger audiences in hopes that it will inspire others to join us! If you know someone who could use a little inspiration during the holidays please consider gifting them this book 📖 All proceeds will go to further expansion of the project.


-Megan Murphy