September 13

"The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads" hits #1 in the Amazon Fatherhood category

Eric Rosswood's The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads has hit #1 in the Fatherhood category on Amazon! In his latest book, prominent activist, author, and veteran gay dad, invites readers delve into the ins and outs of parenthood for LGBTQ individuals. Using true experiences and lessons from his own fatherhood, the author gives valuable advice and answers some of the most common and difficult questions to ask for gay parents. For him, exploring LGBTQ parenthood is not just about the stressful and controversial tumult surrounding political and social issues for gay persons. It’s about the exploration and understanding of a unique experience, and how to adapt and thrive in your role as a gay parent. Everything you need to know, and some things you may never even have thought of, is revealed in The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads­—one of the only books you will ever need in your new LGBTQ parenting adventure. Get your copy today!