The Sigrun Show / #346: Avoid Burnouts, Increase Productivity with Paula Rizzo
October 24

The Sigrun Show / #346: Avoid Burnouts, Increase Productivity with Paula Rizzo

Paula Rizzo spent almost 20 years as a senior television producer in New York working on local news and national news, and another ten as a senior health producer on Fox News Channel. Using her background and experience in the fast-paced life behind the scenes, Paula has written best-selling books that provide tips and tools on how to be a more productive entrepreneur. With the online courses and virtual workshops she developed, Paula helps experts and entrepreneurs create powerful videos that allow them to be heard and stand out from the crowd.

Paula shares how to avoid burnout and overwhelm while staying productive at work and at home. She redefines what self-care is and how to do it without waiting for your big break as well as how to set realistic daily goals to accomplish the bigger ones on your milestone list. Paula also shares what her new book is about and how it’s going to help entrepreneurs avoid exhaustion and overwhelm.

“It’s very much about picking what those boundaries are - what do you say ‘yes’ to, what do you say ‘no’ to.” - Paula Rizzo


In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Where Paula got the inspiration for the two arms of her business
  • How she realized that being efficient is better than being perfect
  • How Paula’s work experience in the news helped her mentality in her new role as an entrepreneur
  • What makes it easy for her to filter the decisions she needs to make so she can be her most productive self
  • Examples of filters she used when deciding which the stories to approve for Fox News Channel
  • The dramatic turn in her life that made her realize how much pressure she put on herself 
  • How she reframed her mindset from abundance to scarcity
  • What to do if you think you have too much on your plate and on the brink of burnout
  • How she makes sure she gets things done
  • How to care for yourself without leaving your desk
  • Where to start with scheduling your tasks for maximum productivity
  • A glimpse of her Self-Care Day and how she manages her week 
  • How to refuse your instinct to say “yes” to everything
  • Why women have more difficulty saying “no” to requests
  • How she applies Marie Kondo’s “joy” principle to her decision-making 
  • How to identify the source of your stress

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