The Nerdy Girl Express/ Geek Sweets: An Adventurer’s Guide to Baking Wizardry Book Review from @kleffnotes
January 12

The Nerdy Girl Express/ Geek Sweets: An Adventurer’s Guide to Baking Wizardry Book Review from @kleffnotes

Jenny Burgesse shares her wonderfully nerdy baking knowledge in her delicious recipe filled cookbook Geek Sweets: An Adventurer’s Guide to Baking Wizardy. This book shares recipes that span all the realms of geekdom with tasty treats that will wow wherever you take them. Get your apron on, ready your whisk, and let’s get into the baking adventures.

Geek Sweets is an easy to follow and delightfully entertaining cookbook that anyone who wants to try their hand at treat making should check out. Burgesse shares her well honed skills to make even the most complex looking treat easy to make. The book is broken down into 5 sections that allow you to grow your skills as you go. She shares all the supplies you will need first and then delves into skills and tricks that will help you succeed going forward. The first official section is Essential Baking Spells, which are meant to act as your basic guide to baking. This is where Burgesse lays out how to make standard cupcakes, cookies, frostings, icings, and other necessary recipes you will need as you delve into the official geeky recipes.

These nerdy treats are then broken down into three sections: Squire, Knight, and Dragon Slayer. Squire is the beginner baker section and then as you move throw the sections the recipes will get gradually harder. Between each section are fun themed party guides that Burgesse refers to as side quests. These are meant to help you use your new skills to wow your friends. The final baking section is The Festival Reveler, which she calls a victory lap. These treats are still nerdy, but also include some fun holiday treats you can bake up.  Throughout Geek Sweets showcases delicious looking pictures of the finished treats to give readers an idea of what their final product might be. Burgesse does say that mistakes are okay and that baking is a learning process. She also has detailed breakdowns of certain recipes with pictures that show each step along the way. For every recipe she clearly lays out the supplies you will need under the heading “Quest Requirements” and for some recipes shares a variation or addition called a “Skill Check.”

Each section is full of so many recipes it was so hard to narrow down which ones to share with you, which definitely means you need to pick up your own copy of Geek Sweets to see all the amazing treats inside. No matter which section you are in you will definitely find the perfect sweet for any occasion. I will say that after reading the introduction you absolutely have to attempt the Poopcakes. That might sound a little gross, but once you see them you will definitely want to try them. I’m planning on making the Unicorn Poop Cookies and once iZombie returns I will try out Burgesse’s Brain Cupcakes.

You can find Geek Sweets: An Adventurer’s Guide to Baking Wizardryon sale now!

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