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March 13

The IT Nerd / Upcycled Technology

New Book Describes Hardcore Projects That You Can Do With Your Discarded Tech

Posted in Commentary on March 13, 2019 by itnerd

We all have a drawer or closet full of old discarded tech just sitting around gathering dust. Memories of a bygone technological era that have been replaced by newer, shinier, smarter devices. What can you do with them? Most of us don’t even know how to properly dispose of them. If only there was a way to save them from their untimely fate.

Well empty out that drawer and grab a screwdriver, because the time has come to bring these old devices back from the grave! Old technology may no longer be useful, but it isn’t useless. Hidden inside often discarded devices is a treasure trove of motors, magnets, screens, and other parts just waiting for a chance to be upcycled!

This type of “upcycling” doesn’t mean turning an old CD into a coaster, it means something a little more hardcore.

That’s what Daniel Davis argues in his book “Upcycled Technology: Clever Projects You Can Do With Your Discarded Tech”.


Davis is an IT professional and YouTube personality with an insatiable curiosity and a propensity for tinkering. Using his desire to constantly learn and share what he’s learned, Daniel founded the STEM focused Tinkernut, LLC ( to teach people more about tinkering, hacking, and programming. His efforts through Tinkernut, LLC have been featured and published in several major websites, blogs, textbooks, and magazines. In his book you will learn:

  • How to make a great Wi-Fi security camera with an old cell phone
  • How to make a basic 3D printer out of old computer disk drives
  • What can be made with the rare-earth magnets inside old hard drives or the reusable LCD screens in old phones

Creating new zombie tech from old tech is eco-friendly and it’s also a fantastic way to learn about the technology we use (or used to use) every day. The only limit is your curiosity and willingness to tinker!

The book is $19.95 on Amazon and is worth a look if you love to tinker.