The Blog of Awesome Women/Aethelflaed
March 17

The Blog of Awesome Women/Aethelflaed

One hundred-fifty years after Aethelburg’s rule,
Aethelflaed took up the sword and swore herself to
chastity-belted celibacy after her intensely unpleasant
experience of childbirth. She and her husband became
friends and fellow warriors. When her husband died in 912
A.D., she kept on fighting to defend her father, Alfred the
Great, and his kingdom against invading Danes. She had a
brilliant tactical mind, uniting the pre-England kingdoms
of Wales and Mercia. She died in battle at Tammoth in
the borough of Stratfordshire and her one child, daughter
Aelfwyn, ascended the throne until her jealous, power-hungry
uncle managed a coup.