The Blog of Awesome Women/ Boudicca – The ‘Victorious’
March 09

The Blog of Awesome Women/ Boudicca – The ‘Victorious’

Boudicca’s name means “victorious” in the language
of the Celts. She is the legendary warrior-queen of the
Iceni of Norfolk who led a rebellion against the invading
Romans in the year 61 A.D., and sacked the Roman’s
settlements, including Verulamium and Londinium,
which she put to the torch. She took the lives of 70,000
Romans in her battles and was reputed to be “tall of
person, of a comely appearance, and appareled in a loose
gown of many colors. About her neck she wore a chain of
gold, and in her hand she bore a spear. She stood a while
surveying her army and, being regarded with a reverential
silence, she addressed them an eloquent and impassioned
speech.” She died in battle at her own hand, taking poison
rather than be killed by an enemy of the Celts. Many
women fought to defend their land and culture; the Celtic army consisted of more women than men!


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