Superior Self / Yoga Tips for Newbies or Plus Sized Folks
October 03

Superior Self / Yoga Tips for Newbies or Plus Sized Folks

There are so many exercise options for us humans. Movement is important at any size, fitness level, or age. I think walking and yoga are perfect for folks getting back into exercising after a long absence from fitness activities.

Today we are going to look at yoga for plus sized people or folks who aren’t as fit and flexible as they used to be.

The  key to success in any yoga class is to listen to the words, focusing  on the exact instructions coming from the instructor. In the class, do as much as one can with out pain. A little discomfort is normal in trying anything new. With time and repetition the flexibility and strength WILL show themselves to the practitioner. As a beginner in any movement class, we tend to pay close attentin to the details. Everything can feel fresh, but also a little scary, and difficult.

The use of a belt made of canvas can be a tool for reaching anchoring certain body moves. A towel can help create a safe grip in a warm room.

Inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly allows one to focus and release fears related to the new activity.

I hope this helps you, dear readers. I am your cheerleader!
KJ Landis








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