Superior Self with KJ Landis / Why I Decided to Lose Weight 8 Years Ago, For the 90th Time!!
December 26

Superior Self with KJ Landis / Why I Decided to Lose Weight 8 Years Ago, For the 90th Time!!

Many of us make a decision to lose weight. We usually begin on a Monday, the fresh start of a work week. We are done within 2 weeks usually, because of the deprivation, the lack of a support system, and the voice in our heads which say constantly, "This time will be no different. You have tried and failed so many times before..." Does this sound familiar? 

We have to be scared for our health and life, or we have to be desperate in some emotional or physical way to finally make some permanent changes. And yes, there are slip ups. It does take a village of support.

Here are some statements about my journey that are true:

  • I was inspired to lose weight because I had gained a little every year in my thirties and forties, especially after having children. I was following the wrong dogma that the American Dietetic Association and the American Medical Association gave us: eat low fat and lots of healthy whole grains. 
  • My breaking point was when I signed up for a liposuction at 47 and my husband got irate, citing Kanye West's mother's demise. I knew there had to be another way. 
  • I wanted my outside to match how powerful and amazing I felt every day on the inside. I was a 16 time marathoner, a mother of two amazing children, a wellness coach, an educator, a professional photographer, a happy server, an enthusiastic reader, a loving wife, and world traveler.
  • I lost the weight using the natural pregnancy hormone HCG and eating only green veggies, white fleshed fish, seafood, and drinking a gallon of water a day. I was always very active, and held certified personal training certificates for years. I am a certified fitness trainer too, teaching many exercise classes. Fat folks can be fit too! 
  • I wanted to be lean like when I was modeling years before. 
  • I keep the fat off now by hiking, yoga, walking, lifting weights, and serving (waitressing) in the evenings. I'm busy. I eat clean and green 80% of the time and allow treats (notice I don't call them cheats) 20% of the time. I still drink lots of water, meditate and smile at myself daily! 

My best two tips are: 

1. Slowly increase water consumption to a gallon of water a day and add lemon or cucumbers. That way you can tell if you are truly hungry or just socially and emotionally hungry. This also allows us to urinate or sweat out the fat as we are losing fat because that is how the body eliminates fat. 
2. Enlist a buddy to do this journey with you. Building a tribe of support is extremely important when making lifestyle changes.

I hope this helps those of you looking to make changes that serve your higher purpose, especially during the time of New Year Resolutions.

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